About Us

Welcome to Strategically Positioning Lives in Technology (SPLiT), a nonprofit organization founded by Dominique Da’Cruz in 2010 as a college student at Howard University.

Our journey began out of a fundamental need—to support underserved youth by introducing them to the latest methods and practices in digital technology. Recognizing the growing digital divide in STEAM education among these young individuals and understanding the myriad opportunities available for them to participate in the ever-evolving digital world actively, SPLiT was created to bridge this gap initially in Washington, DC.

However, as Dominique’s life expanded, so did SPLiT. After marrying his wife, Wendy Ekua (W.E.) Da’Cruz, and relocating to the New York/New Jersey area, SPLiT began providing afterschool tech workshops and trainings to youth through a partnership with the New York Department of Education. W.E. helped develop the curriculums, and Dominique delivered them.

The two relocated to Detroit, Michigan, where SPLiT became dormant for a few years while the couple grew their family, adjusted to their new home, and pursued their separate but ever-intertwined careers. W.E. co-launched a technology company with SPLiT board member Naomi Cook, designing and developing websites, mobile applications, and software to help advance digitalization among organizations and businesses in the U.S. and Africa. Dominique continued his career in finance and business lending.

After several years, SPLiT has relaunched its headquarters in Detroit, MI, and is expanding its impact locally and globally through its partnership with W.E. and Naomi at The Virtual Global Consultant Group.

As a technology-focused educational program designer and deliverer, SPLiT is dedicated to equipping underserved communities domestically in the United States and internationally with all the necessary tools to ignite the potential of people. Our mission is to nurture minds, transforming them into critical thinkers, active contributors, and creators of technologies that help foster economic development.

Partnering with organizations including the U.S. Embassy, SPLiT offers various industries a wide range of technology programming such as webinars, workshops and more.

Join us in empowering the next generation to thrive in the digital era and make a meaningful impact in the world. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us via the form.